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Looks like they stacked lotta shingles on this 'un
In Mike O'Handley's neck of the woods...
   Posted: 04/11/2017  Click here to read the full story  
On Report Writing-Yours are awful. (Probably)
TIJ is very pleased to announce the first in a series of articles by our own Jim Morrison. He's a reporter for the Banker and Tradesman in Boston and a former home inspector. Buckle up, put your ego in check and learn from the very best.

On Improving Your Reports

Consider this advice from a close friend, though we've likely never met. For about 25 years, I was a home inspector. Five years or so ago, I left the field to write for newspapers and magazines in a time when most outlets are laying people off. I know a bit about both inspecting and about writing.

Most of what follows are my own thoughts, but some of it I've learned from others. Where memory serves, I've attributed those thoughts that aren't mine.

I've known hundreds of home inspectors and -like many of you- have read HI reports numbering in the hundreds. There are no more than two inspectors I'm aware of that the following does not apply to (and one of them is dead): Your report is much, much worse than you think and it may be your biggest liability.

Your report isn't worth much if your client doesn't read and understand it. Newspaper writers are arguably under more pressure than anyone to at...
   Posted: 04/07/2017  Click here to read the full story  
SAM: Brick Laying Robot
This video was taken in Rolla, Missouri ...

   Posted: 03/28/2017  Click here to read the full story  
Federal Pacific panels

Found this on my Facebook page. It is a pretty good consumer approach to the problem.
   Posted: 02/27/2017  Click here to read the full story  
Pesticide apparently kills 4 in Amarillo, TX home
Appears water was sprayed on the pesticide used and released gas that has killed 4 youngsters in family in a home at Amarillo, TX

4 Killed by gas released by pesticide under Amarillo TX home...
   Posted: 01/02/2017  Click here to read the full story  
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Survey From Mike Lamb:

A recent Chicago Tribune article (January 6, 2013) contained the following statement under a photo on the front page of their Money & Real Estate section.

"Testing for mold, radon and carbon monoxide are among air quality issues usually addressed by home inspectors."

This statement was accompanied by an article on home inspections called, "Sizing up a home."
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The Chicago Tribune's total average circulation, including print and digital, was 414,590 for the six months ending March 31, 2012.

Please just answer the survey and do not provide comments as to what your opinions are on testing for mold. (Comments will be deleted) For discussion of this issue or the article, please start a new topic.


I usually test for mold.   
I sometimes test for mold.   
I never test for mold.   
I never test for mold and do not recommend testing.   

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