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 Categories & Subcategories
Air Conditioning Systems (7)
Air-cooled AC systems, Gas-chiller AC systems, Mini-split AC systems, Water-cooled AC systems.
Appliances (1)
Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals, Microwave ovens, Range hoods, Stoves & Ranges, Trash compactors.
Collar Ties, Knee Walls, Rafters, Roof Sheathing (1), Roof Trusses.
Building Science (1)
Air Exchangers, Mold (1), Perm Ratings, Underlayments, Vapor barriers, Vapor diffusion.
Building Your Home Inspection Business
Advertising strategies & methods, Advertising through marketing materials, Basic Marketing Concepts, Developing Your Company Identity, Event-driven public relations, Fundamentals of sales and selling, Handling complaints, Managing Customers & Building Relationships, Market Directions, Media-related public relations, Moving from objections to closing, People-driven public relations, Service Philosophy, Targeting your sales efforts (1), Writing your marketing plan.
Chimneys, Fireplaces & Stoves (Wood or Gas)
Fireplaces (gas burning), Fireplaces (Woodburning), Gas Stoves (vented & unvented), Masonry Chimneys, Metal Chimneys or Vents, Woodstoves (Space Heaters).
Commercial Inspections
ADA Accessibility Issues, Alarm & Fire Suppression Systems, Commercial electrical systems, Commercial Plumbing, Commercial Structural, Emergency Egress (Signage, Lighting, etc.), Exteriors, Fenestration Systems, Foundation, HVAC, Interior Finishes & Accoutrements, Parking (Capacity, Signage, Lighting, Etc.), Paving, Flatwork, Curbs, Probable Costs, Recreational Facilities, Roofs & Parapets, Special Utilities, Storm Water Drainage, Tentant Space & Occupancy, Topography, Landscaping, Vehicle Access & Egress, Ventilated Facades.
Communications (1)
Inspections & Inspectors, The inspection process, The real estate transaction, Typical clients.
Drainage & Landscaping (1)
Gutters & downspouts, Lot grading, Retaining walls, Walks, driveways & grounds, Window wells.
Electrical Systems (2)
Basics of electricity, Branch circuit wiring (2), Electrical inspection procedures & techniques (1), Electrical inspection tools, Lights, outlets, switches, junction boxes (1), Service drops, Service entrance (1), Service entrance wires, Service Panelboards (Distribution Panels) (1), Smoke detectors, System Grounding.
Exteriors (1)
Building types & shapes, Cladding (1), Cladding - asbestos, Cladding - Brick masonry, Cladding - Cast stone (1), Cladding - clay & slate, Cladding - E.I.F.S., Cladding - Fiber-cement (13), Cladding - Masonry, Cladding - Metal (Alum & Steel), Cladding - Stucco, Cladding - Vinyl, Cladding - Wood (1), General architectural categories, Renovations, Soffits & Fascia, Specific house styles, Trim, Flashings & Caulk, Windows & Doors (1).
Foundations (1)
Foundations (1), Frost-Protected Slab Foundation, ICF Foundations (Insulated Concrete Forms) (1), Permanent Wood Foundation Systems (PWFS), Post on Pier Foundations, Pre-Cast Foundation Systems, Slab-on-grade, Stemwall (basement), Stemwall (crawlspace) (1).
Garages & Carports
Combustion appliances in a garage, Firewalls & firedoors, Overhead doors & automatic openers (1).
Heat Pumps (1)
Bivalent systems, Earth-to-air system, Heat pump theory, Identifying heat pumps, Undersized or Oversized, Water-to-air system.
Heating Systems (2)
Boilers (Mid- and High-efficiency)hot water, Boilers (steam) (1), Distribution Systems, Electric Heating Systems, Gas Furnaces (3), Heat Exchangers, Heating System Controls, Oil Furnaces, Underground Oil Storage Tanks.
Historical Structures (1)
Architectural Styles (1), Electric, Plumbing & HVAC Retrofits (1), General Preservation & Maintenance (3), Health & Safety (3), Historical Building Materials & Techniques (1).
Inspecting.... (3)
Electrical Systems, Exteriors, Foundations, Heat Pumps, Heating Systems, Homes (1), Plumbing, Roofs.
Installation Guides (3)
Cellulose Insulation, Expanded polystyrene insulation, Extruded polystyrene insulation, Fiberglass & Mineral Wool Insulation, Polyurethane (foamed in place), Urea-formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI), Vermiculite or Perlite Insulation (1).
Interiors (2)
Interior ceilings, Interior doors, Interior floors, Interior kitchens & baths (2), Interior stairs (1), Interior walls (1).
Online Training
Paving & Roads
Pests & Rot
Ants, Bees, Salesmen, solicitors, lawyers, telemarketers, Termites, Vermin, Wood-Boring Beetles, Woodrot & Fungi (1).
Plumbing (4)
Basins, sinks and laundry tubs, Bathtubs, Bidets, Drain Pipe Materials, Faucets, Floor Drains, Laundry Tub Pumps, Plumbing Vents, Sewage Ejector Pumps, Shower stalls, Sump Pumps, Toilets, Waste Traps, Whirlpool tubs and baths.
Porches, Decks & Balconies (2)
Beams & Joiests, Columns, Floors, Railings (Handrails & Guards), Roof Structures, Skirting, Steps & Landings.
Private Water Supply Systems
Bored Wells, Centrifugal Pumps, Drilled Wells, Driven & Jetted Wells, Dug wells, Hand Pumps, Jet Pumps (Deep Well), Jet Pumps (Shallow-well), Piston Pumps, Rain collection systems, Submersible Pumps, Well Pollution.
Professional Practices (7)
Inspection Checklists, Inspection tools, Liability (1), Report writing, The step-by-step inspection, Verbal communication.
Real Estate
Flipping Houses, Purchasing 203K Homes, Remodeling.
Air Conditioners, Boilers & Furnaces, Dishwashers, Electrical Components, Engineered Lumber, Fireplaces (Gas or Electric), Garbage Disposals, HVAC Components, Lamps & Luminaires, Microwave Ovens, Other, Plumbing Components, Roofing Products, Siding or Sheathing, Stoves & Ranges, Trash Compactors, Water Heaters.
Reports (1)
Sample Reports (2).
Roofs (1)
Asphalt Covers, Built-up Roof (BUR) Covers (1), Concrete & Clay Tile Covers, Fiber-Cement Covers (1), Flashings & Drip Edging, Ice Dams, Metal Covers, Single-Ply Membrane Covers (1), Slate Covers (1), Underlayment, Unique Roofing Issues, Wood Covers.
Septic Systems
Absorption (leech) Fields, Basic Overview, Biomat & Sand Filter Systems, Distribution Boxes, Location, Mound Systems, Pipe Materials, Sewage Lift Tanks, Pumps & Alarms, Soil Basics, Tanks.
Software (1)
Construction Estimating (1), Deck Estimating, Home Design, Home Inspection Software, Roof Estimating.
Structure (2)
Construction Techniques (18), Framing (Roof, Walls, & Floors) (11), Hangers, Trusses.
Ventilation Systems (2)
Air Filtration, Exhaust Fans, Heat Recovery Ventilators, Humidifiers, Humidistats, Whole House Air Exchangers.

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